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What if you could get the body of your dreams while eating whatever you want...? Watch The Quick Video Above to Learn How. Welcome to REBELFIT.IO


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About Edward, Creator of REBELFIT.IO

I'm Edward, creator of REBELFIT.IO. I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years.

I started this program to cut through all the lies and misdirection in the fitness world. I was tired of seeing friends go through endless cycles of progression and then regression, of having so much information available online they couldn't parse the crap from the gold. I was tired of seeing smart, well-intentioned people unable to figure out how to solve their weight problems once and for all. This program is designed to be one-and-done, and it's for anybody wanting to make a permanent, lasting change in their lives.

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Discover The Basic Principles Needed to...


Tired of Constantly Searching The Next Great "Diet Fix?" Tired of Never Making PERMANENT Progress? Tired of Having Bad Health, Low Self-Esteem or Middling Daily Energy? Want to Just "SOLVE" it Once and for All? Then get started with REBELFIT.IO, and Break Out of the Vicious Yo-Yo cycle of NO PROGRESS:

I am VERY SELECTIVE with clients, and only work with ones who are a PERFECT fit. The application process reflects that.

The REBELFIT.IO program is something you do ONCE, and then never have to worry about this area of your life again. You will learn lifetime lessons and strategies and SECRET fitness industry techniques that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

However, the program requires the right mentality. I only want those who are MOST COMMITTED to making a change, once and for all. I only want those who are 100% ready to go all-in, and fix their most pressing problems for GOOD.

If you think you'd be a fit, submit your application and I'll be in touch! I look forward to hearing from you :)

What you're going to Discover when you Work with me...

The REBELFIT.IO program is the fastest, most efficient way to CHANGE YOUR LIFE forever.

When you sign up to be part of the REBELFIT.IO team, you're not just embarking on a revolutionary fitness journey. You're taking the first step to discovering a better way of life.

No more desperately wishing for something and not knowing how to get it. No more starvation diets and horrible, bland meal plans. No more endless hours of cardio at the gym, with little or no progress to show for it


Love ice cream and wine? We can do that. Love large, filling meals? We can do that. Hate greens, can't stand bland, dry "veggie and chicken" meals? You don't have to have them.

The beauty of the REBELFIT.IO program is we do it all on your terms .

Where other plans fail is they don't take into account you as an individual. Neither do they give you the tools needed to sustain your new body for life.

They don't take into account your food likes, your dislikes, your schedule, your body type, your metabolic coefficient. They don't take into account normal life events like Friday nights out, birthdays with kids, family dinner gatherings...

What if you could learn to handle all that, to know what to do in every situation, and still get results you've only dreamt of?

We teach people to get the body of their dreams..

without restrictions.

without stringent dietary "rules."

without having to go to the gym.


The fact is, a diet that you can't sustain for life is not a diet you should ever start. This is what makes the REBELFIT.IO program different:

1. Unlimited 1-1 Coaching

Your coach guides you through the REBELFIT.IO program and tailors the entire experience to YOU! Learn to lose weight while still enjoying ALL the foods you love. Discover the best lifestyle habits that fit your busy schedule. The whole way through, you have full access to your coach on any platform you want -- email, Facebook, text, messengers, live video chat, phone calls -- without limitation!

2. Accountability

Your individualized program comes with a full roadmap to success. Your coach will be cheering you on through your entire journey, with scheduled check-ins, live video calls, progress tracking, unlimited adjustments to the program as we discover what works best for your body, and much more. You're never alone when you become a REBELFITTER.

3. Break the Rules. Lose the Weight.

The slogan of the REBELFIT.IO program is "break the rules, lose the weight." We NEVER have you adhere to rigid, ridiculous, non-realistic dieting "rules" set up by other so-called gurus which are really nothing more than cookie cutter programs for a mass audience. You NEVER have to give up the foods you love. Eat what you want, when you want, ALWAYS. Better yet, learn how to do it for life. Your eating style is individual to YOU, and we fully adjust the entire program to get you amazing, lasting results.

4. Results that Last

My greatest payoff is when clients succeed and become the best versions of themselves. This whole program is designed to be a "one-and-done" style venture that you undertake once and get solid, sustainable results. With support from your coach, you will maintain your amazing results forever!

5. An Education for a Lifetime

Never have to guess again. Never have to navigate the byzantine world of fitness information overload again. You will receive all the information that will benefit you personally -- nutrition, diet, meal plans, work outs, flexible dieting, the REBELFIT.IO WINDOW, workout habits, and more. Never will you be lost for information again!

welcome to rebelfit.io
break the rules. lose the fat.

Change Your Life FOREVER

When we say "break the rules," we mean it.

Are you tired of unsustainable weight loss programs that leave you feeling cruddy?

Are you tired of going on hardcore diets that you KNOW are only bringing you closer and closer to ruining it all with a binge?

Are you tired of endless cardio in the gym, of wasting hours a week on a treadmill indoors (how boring)?

How many so-called "fitness paradigms" have you fallen victim to? Things such as...

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day": Learn why this is one of the biggest, most perpetuated LIES of the fitness industry.

"No Carbs After 6PM" You NEED carbohydrates to get a restful sleep

That you need 5-6 (tiny) bird meals a day to lose weight.

Eliminating one of the three vital macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats) from your diet entirely.

Having "NOT ALLOWED" foods, which just so happen to be your favorites (what kind of strategy keeps you away from your favorite things?)

...Wouldn't it be so much better if you could:

Eat WITHOUT restrictions and still lose weight. (RebelFitters learn how to have ALL their favorite foods and still lose weight

Break all the dietary and fitness industry "rules" and make BETTER PROGRESS than ever before. (RebelFitters discover how much of industry common knowledge is a scam designed to perpetually prevent people from making progress... because that keeps them as customers.)

Eat HOW you like, WHEN you like. (What's the point of eating foods you hate to make progress? Even if you do for a while, it can never be SUSTAINED.)

Learn how to have HUGE, SATISFYING MEALS every day. (Discover the REBEL.IO WINDOW and learn to utilize it to have enormous meals every single day)

Learn how little cardio really matters (psst... not at all) on your weight loss journey. (Like, really. Not. At. All.)

Learn how to ENJOY the gym again, or, if you don't have time, NOT EVEN NEED TO GO.

...being healthy should NEVER be a burden!

It's time to change your life forever. It's time to break the rules, and lose the fat.

...still have questions?


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